Date of Enlistment 23/02/1915
Birthplace Broome, Western Australia
Next of kin Mother, Mrs M E Hilliard, Broome, Western Australia
Occupation Shell opener
Age on Enlistment 21
Rank Private
Unit 28th Battalion, A Company
Fate RTA
Date of Fate Event 31/08/1916
Returned to Broome post WWI Yes
Other Information Brother to Harry Hilliard
Letter from A Davies: John Hilliard was wounded yesterday morning at 4 o’clock, just at the break of day. He had fired three shots over to the German trenches (406 yards away) and was on the point of observing the effect — peeping through the sand bags over the parapet — when a Han sniper, who must have been watching his fire, got him. He was hit just over the right eye, passing out above the right ear and through his steel helmet. Although a nasty wound, our doctor said it was not serious. John never lost consciousness, and was talking as if nothing had happened when taken away. Dave Ferris helped to take him out of the trenches. It came as a shock to us all. War gives us a friendship I cannot explain. Having gone right up to now, through thick and thin, together, it seems hard that German’s first shot should get him. Two other shots were fired, but hit the bags. He was only back five days from his leave in London, where he had a good time. North West Echo, 22nd August 1916


Returned Soldiers: Under the auspices of the local Recruiting Committee, a welcome home will be tendered Private John Hiliiard, on Tuesday evening, on the Institute verandah, to which the public are cordially invited. This is a special occasion, intended to specially honor the home-coming of the first Broome-born hero to return, at the same time to show appreciation of the work of other returned men. Private Hiliiard was seriously wounded in the head while fighting in France. A special invitation is issued to all other returned men who are here to attend, whether they enlisted from Broome or elsewhere. Private Alf. Saunders, who is also returning by the ? , will also be welcomed home.Light Light refreshments, music, etc., will be served.North West Echo, 10th March 1917
Soldiers Return: On Tuesday evening a welcome was extended to several Broome boys’ who have returned from the war. The Institute verandah was the scene of the event, and was uncomfortably packed, the greater portion of those present being ladies. The Mayor (Mr Archie Male) occupied the chair, while seated near him were Sergt. Sam Seagar, Corp. Alf. Saunders, Privates John Hilliard and R. Bourne, and wireless operator Jones. The Mayor, in the course of his welcoming speech, made fitting reference to the names of several Broome boys who have been killed or wounded at the war. Most of thorn knew Sergt. Seagar and Corp. Saunders, whom they were pleased to welcome home, but they all knew John Hilliard, who was (like most of his sisters and brothers) born in Broome, and had never left the district until he had gone to fight for his country and home. Old residents of Broome. amongst whom he had grown up, took special pride in his achievements, and offered him a special welcome. He (the speaker) on behalf of Broome people thanked all the soldiers for what thev had done. Bishop Trower and Rev, Brady, in fairly long speeches, paid tribute to our soldiers. Mr W. Clarke Hall also spoke, briefly. An apology was made on behalf of Father Creagh, who was absent through illness. Corp, Saunders, on behalf of the returned men, thanked Broome for the kind welcome extended to them. Each of the others was also induced to say a few words, Private Hilliard remarking that the sufferings of the war were well worth going through to receive such a welcome. Songs, recitations, music, soft drinks, sandwiches, etc,, helped to complete an enjoyable evening.North West Echo, 17th March 1917