GRAHAM Thomas Donald

Thomas Graham – Courtesy Nerina Coopes

About Thomas Graham 

Thomas Graham was born on the 28th October 1884 to John and Elizabeth Graham. He was educated at Fullers College, Watford, UK and St. Patrick’s College in Ireland. While in Ireland he served for five years with the South Irish Horse Guards.  He married Constance Marian Gull  in 1915.

Broome Connection

Thomas appears in Broome records in 1912 when he was the owner of the schooner Culwalla. His brother-in-law was Arthur Pompey Gull, another WWI soldier, who was also involved in the pearling industry.

War Service

Thomas enlisted on the 3rd May 1915 as a 2nd Lieutenant and was posted to the 28th Battalion, A Company. He embarked aboard the Ascanius in June 1915, bound for Egypt. In July he was granted a commission, made Lieutenant and transferred to the Imperial Camel Corps.  After serving in the Imperial Camel Corps for a number of months he has detached for duty with the ANZAC light railway before resuming duties as Captain for the 4th Pioneer Battalion in February 1917. Thomas was killed at Ypres, Belgium by a aeroplane bomb on the 3rd October 1917.

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